Society Hill Dance Academy

Society Hill Dance Academy
Policies & Procedures


HDA Membership Program: In order to accommodate those students interested in learning social dancing who can not arrange private lessons, SHDA has developed a complete offering of group classes throughout the week that is made available on a membership basis. Specific terms for participation are outlined in the SHDA membership agreement. At the first visit, each participant is required to complete the SHDA membership agreement and waiver form before beginning participation.

Payment: Monthly membership fees are charged on the same day every month following the initial payment. Payment can be made by ACH from a bank account or via a monthly charge to a valid and current credit card.

Full Refund of Membership Fees: Students may cancel their membership no later than 72 hours after purchase if they wish to receive a full refund of membership fees paid at initiation. An administrative fee may be applicable. There are no partial refunds of monthly memberships. Start-up fees (if applicable) are non-refundable. Students must follow the cancellation procedure as outlined in the Membership Agreement.

Membership Status Change: Students who wish to change their billing information, downgrade, hold or cancel their monthly dues must do so before the next billing date. This needs to be done in writing with the SHDA Office.

Transfer of classes: It is understood that when a member signs a membership agreement, the classes are intended for the member's use and member's use only. Classes may not be shared with or transferred to others.

Timeliness: Anyone who is more than 10 minutes late will not be allowed in the class.

Cancellation: Occasionally due to weather conditions or other unforeseen conditions including the health of the instructor, a group class will be cancelled. This information will be posted on the SHDA Facebook page and website.



Group Classes: Throughout the year SHDA offers special interest group classes.

Late Registration: *Students who wish to join any Level 1 Course after missing the first week of class must take a private lesson to catch up on missed material. All Level 1 Courses are closed for registration after the second week of class has finished. Students who wish to register after the closing date will be registered for the next available group class.

Missed Classes: Due to the limited availability of Level 1 classes neither make-ups nor refunds can be offered. In addition, unused classes expire at the end of the program. Students who have missed a Level 1 class must either take a private lesson or repeat the course to ensure all material is completed prior to moving up to the next level.

Refund Policy for Level 1 Course Dues: Once registered, there are no refunds or credit issued for any reason. Student either must attend the session he/she registered for or transfer it to another person. Student must notify SHDA that the course is being transferred and provide SHDA with the new student's name and contact information. The new student must complete all of the required applications and waivers.


Private Lessons: SHDA offers private lessons designed to develop dancing abilities on a carefully planned and personalized schedule to allow our students to feel comfortable and confident on the dance floor. Private lessons are offered for individuals, couples, or up to four individuals attending together. The ala carte lesson fee is $145 per lesson with discounts offered for packages of lessons.

Required Pre-Payment: Students must pay for all Private Lessons at the time they are scheduled or via an arranged package of lessons. Payment can be made over the phone by credit card or in person by cash, check or credit card. Once scheduled, private lessons are not transferrable or refundable but may be rescheduled for a later date.

24 Hour & 48 Hour Cancellation Policy: Students must provide 24-hour notice of cancellation in order to reschedule a Weekday or Saturday Private Lesson without penalty. All Sunday private lessons require a 48 Hour Cancellation Notice. If a timely notice is not provided, the lesson will be forfeited.

Instructors: Throughout the course of your lessons at SHDA, we encourage to have students to take occasional lessons with other instructors to gain a confidence in their own abilities without depending on one voice and style. All SHDA instructors go through extensive training before they begin working with students and continue to receive training on the latest techniques during our weekly instructor training sessions. Due to a variety of circumstances, we do not guarantee the same instructor for all sessions.


Workshops: In order to provide more intensive dance instruction, SHDA offers workshops and specialty coaching throughout the year.

Refund Policy for Workshops: Once registered for a workshop or coaching session, there are no refunds or credit issued for any reason. Student either must attend the workshop or coaching session he/she registered for or transfer it to another person. Student must notify SHDA that the workshop or coaching session is being transferred and provide SHDA with the new student's name and contact information.


Students shall conduct themselves in an appropriate and respectful manner towards other students, office staff and SHDA’s dance instructors while being physically present at SHDA’s location as well as anywhere on social media (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

SHDA reserves the right to cancel the student’s membership with or without notice if:

  1. SHDA deems any behavior as inappropriate or damaging to SHDA reputation in any way.
  2. Enjoyment of SHDA’s classes and activities by other students is threatened by inappropriate behavior or comments by the student.
  3. Safety of the entire SHDA staff and student body is jeopardized by the students’ actions, comments or behaviors.


SHDA does not provide medical insurance for students in group classes or individual sessions. Students are responsible for their own medical insurance. Dance involves physical movement and as with all physical activity, there is a risk of injury. A potential for serious or disabling injury is always present and cannot be entirely eliminated. Dance is not recommended and is not safe under certain medical conditions and consultation with a physician is suggested if there is any question about involvement in dancing activities. The Student hereby affirms that he/she is physically capable of participating in dance activities (including Competitions), if the Student elects to attend a competition. The Student has an obligation to notify SHDA staff and instructors of any physical condition that may arise after signing this Enrollment Agreement that would materially impact the Student's ability to participate in dance activities. The Student expressly agrees that his/her participation in SHDA activities is purely voluntary and participates despite the risks.