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Dancing Provides Many Benefits For Seniors

Ballroom dancing supports a happy and healthy lifestyle for people of all ages. Experience the many health benefits that dance and activity in general can provide including improved strength, balance and motor skills. Become part of our community that moves to the beat of having fun and making new friends.


Fun & Lively Dance Classes For All Ages

It’s never too late to start enjoying the world of ballroom dancing. Our students range from 9-93 years old. All you need is a willingness to learn and we will help you do the rest. Getting started is easy and your first lesson is complimentary. Don't wait until "someday", give us a call today at 215-574-3574 or click the link below.

Senior Dance Classes - No Partner - No Worries

No Partner, No Problem!

Many of our students come out on their own. Our group classes and dance parties are full of potential partners and when taking private lessons, you will dance with your instructor. We provide a fun, festive atmosphere where you are sure to have a good time.

Dancing Provides Seniors Numerous Health Benefits

Health Benefits

Ballroom dancing is good for your health! It strengthens muscles and bones, improves endurance, aids balance and lowers the risk of injury from falls and accidents. Plus, evidence from recent studies are starting to show that dancing can ward off Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Dance Classes are a Great Opportunity for Seniors to get Social Interaction

Social Interaction

At Society Hill Dance Academy you will meet and dance with people of all ages. Maintaining relationships and spending time with others is essential to one’s emotional well being especially seniors. Staying active prevents depression and helps maintain an active mind.

Dance Lessons are Fun

Enjoy Life

Research shows that spending time with others and staying active is essential to living a longer, healthier life. Dancing not only connects you with others but also helps you maintain flexibility, coordination and balance. The enormous benefits of dance can make you happier and healthier with a renewed energy for living life to the fullest.

We offer group classes for all skill levels and our classes cover a wide range of dance styles. You are welcome to bring a friend or we can always provide you a suitable partner. Find the right class for you!